Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bento Box Week #3 At Work

Somebody in one of these bento box Flickr groups put rice crackers in their box and immediately I was teleported back to my childhood, childhood childhood when Lee and I would visit the Japanese tea room at the Descanso Gardens. A woman dressed in a kimono would serve us a pot of tea and a dish of delicately shaped crackers. We would sit outside by the pond or the bridge under the tall oaks and camellia forest. Peace all around us.

Maybe that is why I equate Japanese culture and food as calming and sublime. Maybe I had been significantly influenced by the nurseries, the architecture, and rice crackers, and that's why I turned out this way. Eh.

I went sort of cracker happy on Tuesday. Along with my rice and meatballs (recipe at this blog), crackers, grapes, radishes, tomatoes, and yogurt with raspberries et al, the lunch was a success.

Wednesday I woke feeling so inspired by this video (click on "Bento" near bottom right) that I made a "sunflower." It wasn't perfect, but hey this is my tenth bento box. Ever. It was weird to eat the egg lukewarm too, even though I eat cold hard boiled eggs. Don't know. Just odd.

Yogurt again with three fruits, tri-color bell peppers with mayo and pickled cabbage, and pork cooked with soy sauce and a leftover stuffed jalapeno. Those be pine nuts.
Thursday I was all get outta my way. I'm late! Grilled swordfish with rice and bell peppers and clam chowder were leftovers. So gooooooood! Red bell peppers which I'm really liking with soy and a fruit bowl. Those raspberries were so tiny.

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