Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crab Apple Bento

Apple and chicken sausage with shiitake omelet, rice with flower detail, rice snacks, cheese, tangerine treat, date nuggets, and an organic crab apple.

I would really love a crab apple tree in the front yard. Maybe I will convince him this year.


  1. Your crab apple is perfect for bento :o)

  2. That is the tiniest apple ever! I dont think I have ever tasted a crab apple - are they sweet??

  3. avie, thanks for visiting my little blog. actually no, the apple is not sweet. It is little and cute but kind of tasteless. But I heard the blossoms on crab apple trees are beautiful.

    Lia, I just got a tiny pear for bento too. Gosh small is so cute!

    Jenny, Thank you. I love your name!