Sunday, November 1, 2009

National Blog Posting Month

This badge and the smaller version on the sidebar are linked to NaBloPoMo which is November and that starts today. A lot like Blogtoberfest (which I struggled through on Judy's Notebook), NaBlogPoMo is a community of bloggers who want to post every day. And there are prizes to be had if you do. But unlike Blogtoberfest, NaBlogPoMo is very strict on the Every Day aspect of blogging. As it says in the rules, NaBloPoMo awards quantity not quality. So I will try to say something interesting, but I know you will understand if I don't.

That said - maybe you would like to join me? It would be fun to have a whole slew of bento boxers typing up a storm. Maybe we could even get a sub-category in the Food/Cooking group.

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