Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Quiche Purse Bento

Rice balls with sesame oil, and egg and cheese mini quiche inspired by hapa bento, and fresh organic berries, radishes, grape tomatoes, and assorted nuts round up this Sunday snack purse of a bento.

I think of painting the purse and then I cannot decide. What would you do?
Happy First Sunday of 2010!

ps. I'm working on my Foodie Judy blog. Come visit and tell me what you think of the new template.


  1. I love your bento box idea it is so cute. As far as painting it I would probably have to buy two of them, one to keep natural and one to paint. I know I'm no help but I just can't decide on which way. But I do love what you put in it.

  2. I love the new blog. It has a beautiful setup and looks very easy to navigate. I can't wait to see more.

  3. WOW! The bento purse is so pretty. I prefer this natural colour, looks so elegant.
    I love your new blog too.

  4. Love the purse in it's natural state. Lovely contents. I also visited your new Foodie Judy site and voted to return.

  5. I agree with everyone I like it in it's natural state. Maybe a light coat of stain to give the grain more emphasis?

  6. Judy, your bento is very pretty and I couldn't agree more with everyone here ... the purse is great!! Will visit your new blog after this :)

  7. Adorable bento! I like the natural grain very much--a pretty, neutral contrast to the sizzling radish and tomato colors. Your new blog is very cool but I have always been in love with the Si and Hello Kitty images on this one!!

  8. It's really a purse?? Whoa. Love that idea but it frightens me: what other things might I already own that could become bento lunch containers? Beautiful lunch.

  9. does it get any cuter than that?
    I'd stain it a color stain or paint a permanent bento lunch just as it looks inside on the outside cause it's so cute!
    Do you use rice vinegar to make the rice balls stick?
    You inspire me to be more creative.

  10. ...oh..
    and what the hey is in the middle of the berries? beads?

  11. Last to first:
    Mrs. Oz - Those are jewel picks in the berries, and yes I did use vinegar and sesame oil in the rice. Thank you for your ideas about the purse. Come back soon!

    Flying Lily - Thanks, but no, it is a fake purse. Tube socks might be a handy lunch container.

    Bentobird, my tweetie, I too love this bento site and you are so cute to say so. The foodie site has been around forever and I was wondering if I should keep it or not. I still don't know. Thank you for your comment.

    Anncoo, hapabento, Bentobeginner, & Lia, Thank you all !! I think "natural" is the way to go.

    allingoodfood4u, I think I might have to buy several (to dress up) - just to go with different outfits! Stay tuned! It could be my next art project.

  12. I like the plain look (of the purse I mean ;) but I would be afraid of colour stains... So maybe just a natural laquer (or oil).

    Then again... a kawaii painting or nice colour and stickers would be cool to. Sorry, I'm of no help! :)

    I like the fresh new look of your blog too btw.