Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hajime's cute cats come on bento boxes now YAY!

This charming little box was sent to me by accident. Originally I had ordered the larger "picnic" style box with five cats on it. I liked the box above, yet I wanted a bigger one to share snacks with the Mister when we drive around this spring to look at the wildflowers.

I ordered this one (below) on Amazon, which redirected me to JVS.

This box cost about ten dollars more than the one I received. Of course, I emailed JVS to let them know of the mistake. And no, they didn't get back to me or refund the 10 dollars. Bummer!

So I guess I'll just live with the error. The little guy kind of grew on me anyways.

Reminds me of another little guy.


  1. That one is a wonderful snack bento and I love what you put in it. I often make a snack bento like that when I'm working so I won't keep getting up to go to the pantry. Keeps me from over snacking. You kitty is so cute. Oh and keep on them about you $10 hey that could go toward more bento stuff. hee hee

  2. Wonderful bento and the boxes are so cute! :D LOL, the cats on the boxes look just like your kitty!

  3. What a wonderful and delicous Bento-Box! :D And the cat is so cute, too <3 I feel so sorry hearing your story about the 10$. The big bento is also very cute. I can't understand why they don't answer to you. It's a shame...

  4. It's a nice sweet treat in your bento this time. And the bento box is so cute ... :)

  5. Those cats could be brothers! I hope you get your $10 back, it is a lovely box, but fair is fair, you shouldn't pay more for their error. Happy Bento-in in your new box :O)

  6. Love the kitties--that's one of the best Si pictures yet!!