Sunday, July 25, 2010

C'est un nomade...

This is a wonderful little box. I love the pale turquoise and yellow combination and the little backpack the bear wears. The bear is not happy or sad, just traveling dot dot dot.

I used to walk everywhere when I was a child and young adult. That's quite an accomplishment growing up in Southern California. I knew all the routes that didn't have mean dogs. I'd strap on the pack, wear comfortable shoes, and get cruising dot dot dot

Here's one of my lunches last week. Ham and cheese on baguette, lettuce, mango, radishes, celery, and a plum.


  1. I love the colors of the bento too. It's really cute. The lunch looks nice and healthy!

  2. Hee sorry, I've lost track dot dot dot. HOW many bento boxes did you say you have? :P Cute bear indeed and hey - I *love* hiking!

  3. Thanks Lyndsey! I just visited your blog, The Tiny Bento, and became a follower. And noticed the turquoise background! I'm going have to get you on my blogroll, so I don't miss anything.

    Hi gnoegnoe! I love hiking too. Hiked all over the Santa Cruz Mtns for years, most the time off-trail. I think I like this bear box cuz he is shown in three positions, walking, sitting, and lying down. Hah! And I really don't know how many boxes I have (hangs head in shame). It's a powerful addiction this bento boxing.

  4. Your cute and classy bento gear collection is so impressive, Judy! That ham and cheese baguette reminds me of one I enjoyed in Paris once upon a time...and you always find the most expressive little radishes, kawaii all by themselves.

    I also love to fact got blisters on Tuesday walking arond D.C. in the wrong shoes...oops!

  5. Bentobird! I love DC Love love love. I wonder if I'll ever go to Paris.