Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love Blueberries Bento

Today's bento! I actually am posting a picture the actual day of the bento!

The lovely cheese bagel bento (which is a whole wheat bagel) was inspired by Hapa Bento parting bento gifts to her recent travelers. I mean you gotta admit that is one thoughtful person. Yay Ms. Debra! (I want to be her next door neighbor, don't you?)

Other goodies in the stainless steel bento called EcoBox are pigs-in-a-rug (made new yesterday), a gummy kiwi (OMG love it!), two donut peaches, and two hearts filled with booberries with a turtle pick.

The Mister made away with the rest of the pecans this morning for his lunch. oh well. Time to stock up again.


  1. I love this box too!! Everything looks fresh and delightful. Time for bagels here too, I think...

  2. Hi Sheri, EcoLunchbox is great for a sandwich. And fruit too. It's deep.
    However I didn't pack this tight enough and when it turned sideways, well kerr bump. No matter. Everything was its own and tasted great.
    And I really like throwing the EcoBox in the dishwasher at night.

  3. Love this bento! Charming, fresh and sleek--something about the contrast between the perfect donut peach and the modern box is SO appealing. Pretty decorated bgels, too. Yep, Debra's "In-Flight" bentos were so thoughtful and cool :)

  4. Great bento! Sorry for the erm.. like dôh DUMB question, but what's 'pigs-in-a-rug'??? :-o

  5. thanks bentobird! I needed a deep box for the bagel and the ecobox is deep! Oh look! I've said that before. hahaha

    hi gnoegnoe, Thanks! Pigs-in-a-rug or what I should have wrote "pigs-in-a-blanket" are hot dogs wrapped with puff pastry cooked in an oven. In this case, the hot dog was one of those miniature cocktail-size hot dogs. Makes a good bento snack!

  6. Ah, now I understand! It was the blanket part that confused me! (not) LOL

  7. OMG!!!! I LOVE your bentos!!!! Great inspiration for me!!!! :)