Friday, April 8, 2011

Long time no see Mr. Bento bento

I haven't tackle a Mr. Bento bento in a long time and was surprised to see very little recent activity on the Mr. Bento Flickr group. I wonder was it just a phase for some? Bento is certainly going strong, but maybe thermal bento - hot or cold - is beyond prime. Any thoughts on this are surely welcomed, or if I am mistaken and the troop has moved to a different camp, please let me know.

Now for the details. This was my Thursday bento. Thursdays are my long days and I found that I don't want to feel hungry at work because it makes me kind of grumpy and I don't want to be grumpy because well, who wants to be grumpy?

So clockwise, starting with the top left round, raw spinach, tiger pick, hummus, grape tomatoes, big fat green olives, double cream Gouda. Yum! 

Next round, smoked turkey and smoked Fontina on an onion bagel with Dijon and mayo. Yum! 

Next round, fresh pineapple (just cut in fact) with a happy lion pick and a marzipan strawberry. A bite of marzipan with a pineapple chunk equals bliss! 

Next round, blueberry yogurt.

I ate everything but the yogurt and now when I look at this picture, I think I know why.


  1. That looks delicious. I haven't been using my Mr. Bento as much either (and I agree, the Flickr group has really slowed down!) and have been using a regular old two tier rectangular bento box lately (it's easier to clean!).

    I've never thought of putting pineapple and marzipan together! I'll have to try that, it sounds interesting!

  2. Now you know why you haven't eaten the yoghurt or why you ate all the rest??? *puzzled* It looks like a great bento to me! :) There've been plenty of Thursdays since the beginning of April - I hope you didn't go hungry without your bentos? 'Cause I wouldn't like to see you grumpy! LOL :)