Monday, January 9, 2012

Kokku Sushi Take-Out

Sake Sunday and sushi take-out have met. We went to our favorite Japanese restaurant this Saturday only to discover they no longer serve lunch on the weekends. Terrible! So were started to list off the alternatives and figured we give a try to the one we have never been to, Kokku Sushi. A read "fast food" sushi place.

It had people in there for a lunch hour. Well, that's a good sign. And it has been around for awhile. Another good sign. I ordered combination sushi (a California roll and five nigiri), combination tempura (five vegetable and five shrimp), and two bowls of miso soup.

Came home and plated it up in Mum bento boxes and various little plates.

It was edible. The soup was a little salty. The tempura was a little soggy (probably a by-product of being take-out). The sushi was, well, I'm still alive with no GI problems, and the sushi rice was quite good.

The sake was excellent, of course, served up in my new dragonfly jug and cups that Santa left for me under the tree.

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