Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween Bento

Happy Halloween! My Bento Ghouls

Potato skull with brown gravy looked even more spooky smashed with the lid on.

I'm coming to pick your brains!

A delicious rat's nest salad on the side, please.

All in my new happy and welcoming Black Cat Bento!


  1. Love that happy cat bento! Great idea making a skull of it. Spooooky. :) Happy Halloween! :)

    1. Hi Susan B! Just thought of you this morning. Hope you are doing well and playing in the snow with your dogs.

    2. what a strange weather year - after a record warm summer we don't yet have any snow. None. And it hasn't even been very cold yet. This week supposed to be a little chillier but nothing too cold. Snow...eventually we'll get it and then Panda will play like a nut. :)