Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sly Cat and a Totoro Snack Pack Bentos

Cute little flap-down bento box that I'm calling Sly Cat. It's filled with cous cous with pine nuts and homemade kimchee. I always bring a juice and a piece of fruit with my lunch bentos that I end up drinking/eating at 3:00pm to power through the afternoon

I'll be working later starting this summer, so I might bring an extra bento. But the main problem is I need refrigeration. I like the "two hour rule" even with blue ice. It's just that it gets so hot around here!

This is my lovely Totoro snap bento. The pick and container are from Japanese planes, trains, and automobiles set that is perfect for a little boy (or a little girl if the little girl was like me). I still like to chase trains.


  1. Those are both such cute boxes! Berries look yummy! :)

    1. I need to send you stuff, Susan. Are you ready?

  2. OMG i know that kitty!!! It's nyanko sensei! Where'd you get that box?! :0 That said I find vegan foods overall keep rather well for up to 10 hours out of a fridge, and I'm not as worried about baddies growing on my food. I'm not saying you should go vegan like myself, but perhaps that second veto could be vegan more from a safety standpoint.

    Also investing in microwave safe bento boxes may be smart, then you can make your meals the night before, freeze em overnight, then they thaw out all day while you're working, then when you're ready you nuke and eat! :)