Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pork Two Ways Bento

I finally got around to using my Sushi Bento House. It looks a lot bigger than it is. I filled the bottom layer with pork, two ways. My cooked ahead chicken-fried pork and my cooked ahead curry pork.

I am currently reading (and will soon write a review) a book called Effortless Bento. Cooking ahead a variety of meals, freezing or not, is the main part of the book.

The rice I made in the morning with my little and dumb rice cooker.

Strawberries, orange wedges, and radishes make up the top box, and cool pack goes in the attic.

Of course the whole bento goes into an insulated bag with two small blue ices because it gets hot out here.

And this is where I had lunch last Thursday - a turn-out along the railroad tracks in the shade of an oak tree. This picture was taken when my Scion turned 20,000 ODO in September 2009.

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