Friday, September 25, 2009

First Time Using Wood Bento Box

This was Thursday's lunch: three plums and two pieces of chicken. I went round and round with the choice of box primarily because I was afraid of using the wood. You see, the box smells very good and I've always associated that smell with toxins the tree puts out to poison wood boring insects. What pray tell would it do to me if my food touched it and then I ate the food?

So I lined the bottom with parchment paper, but realized as I was loading it up, the sides would be touching too. Well I haven't died, so it must be all right to have food touching the wood. If you know different, *please* let me know.


  1. If it is made/sold for edible products (like a bento box ;) in Japan, VS etc. then it has to comply to some very strict terms. No need to worry!

    I'm like REALLY jealous of this box; I've had my eye on one for a while now ;) Of course the foodies are mouth watering as well!

  2. Superb bento. I am also jealous as I don't have a wooden box either.

  3. Not only is it ok to have the food touching the wood, it's actually encouraged. Well, with some foods...specifically the rice. The wood draws excess moisture from the rice, giving it excellent taste and texture. I have wood boxes as well, but mine are varnished (using sap from what is essentially poison ivy no less).