Saturday, September 26, 2009

Polar Bear Bento

The Mister works in the great outdoors and will eat everything on his plate, everything on my plate, and everything leftover. In other words, the man is hungry!

So yesterday I made a little appetizer while the dinner was cooking. I've been wanting to use my charm stones as cold packs in my bento. Here, though, the polar bear is more of a decoration (He is chilled though.) And the shrimp are sitting on crushed ice too.


  1. Amazing! What is the bear made from Judy? Looks like you carved an ice version!!

  2. That's an amazing idea! It looks great! I guess it's made of some kind of stone?

  3. Great blog! I gave you an award; stop by my blog to get it: Happy Little Bento
    Thanks! -Sheri