Saturday, November 21, 2009

First I like to thank the academy and everyone who voted for me...

Awarded by gamene of the bento zen fame, I hereby succumb to a semi-random selection of seven things about me.

1. I sleep very well when I sleep. When I am stressed out, I sleep walk. I have woken up in the morning with garden soil underneath my nails more than a few times.

2. I used to find really neat things when I was a kid like skeleton keys and pocket knives, so I always thought I was lucky.

3. In adult retrospect, turns out I was lucky because I was finding those things, and not other "things" that would be less desirable, in abandon houses and isolated areas of parks that I was exploring all by myself.

4. On a long hike along a ridge in the rain, I spotted a giant maple tree in full autumn color. Its trunk was covered with moss that looked like green feathers. It was so beautiful that I gave it a hug.

5. I've never been bitten by a tick, but I've pulled a number of them off my neck. (That's what you get for hugging trees.)

6. I have conducted the Pacific Ocean waves crashing onto the cliffs like an orchestra only to turn around to a crowd of onlookers who exploded into applause. I bowed.

And 7. I dance in the kitchen.

Those of you who want this fine award consider yourself tagged. I expect seven random things about you too.


  1. Judy! I have conducted the Pacific Ocean too, from the other side! I used my magical walking stick (old beachcombed broomstick), but never had any audience, to my knowledge. You certainly are lucky.

  2. Hi Judy, I'm lauhing when read the last number. Did u really do that? Hahaha....

  3. I am totally laughing right now...I'm with you on dancing in the kitchen, but I can't say I've ever conducted the ocean (although I think if I lived could be a possibility). Love your random tid bits.

  4. Congrats on the award! I sleep walk too when I was a teenager but I'm ok now (I think) hehehe :o)

  5. your seven things are so interesting and whimsical -- bravo!