Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beet star bento

I love pickled beets. That should be no surprise to anyone, I suppose. I love beets in general, boiled or roasted. In this bento and the one previous, I use my star beets to add color and vegetable matter of the box.

I have a really easy method of pickling. I save the leftover fluid from a jar of Bubbies pickles (they are in the green four-lead clover holder). Boil beets until tender. Skin beets and slice. Or cut into shapes. Stars, fat stars are looking good! I put the stars and chop a small raw red onion layering as I go in a Ball jar. Pour the Bubbies leftover pickle juice and refrigerate.

Gets more pickley with more time.

The chewy molasses spice cookies make a debut here.

I need to hunt down that recipe. It's a Martha Stewart one and I'll post it here. Or maybe I'll write it out. Her website is massive and it's easy to get lost, just in case you are the last person on Earth who has never been there. Too bad she isn't into bento (yet). I bet she could come up with some fun ideas.

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  1. I love pickles too but never try the pickled beets yet. Very nice though to see them in star shapes ... make them very special in your bento :o)