Friday, December 11, 2009

A lot of bento - A lot of heart

This was Tuesday's bento. I need a lot of food when it gets cold. But especially some greens. Yessiree!

Even The Mister came out for a peek at the finish, but I had packed it up by then so I showed him some pictures on the camera playback. He was so cute.

"You included the cookie!" He said. I thought it was a muffin.
"Ahh yeah," I said.
"How cute!" He said.
"Really," I said.

Well the old man is like that sometimes. I told him ONCE in passing that when he shops, as he often does, to "think bento." Now he brings me mini shiitakes ( shown here ), dates - well he thinks they're bento ( shown here ), and tada - Quail Eggs! ( shown here ).

We are quite collaborative when we want to be.


  1. Your pink quail eggs look pretty :)

  2. He catches on quick, that one! Lucky you :)

  3. That looks tasty. And filling. Great! I wish I would get some quail eggs..but mine isn´t even going to the store alone ;) He is scared of the service personel at the meat counter or so...

  4. Beautiful bento! I agree with Lia the eggs are pretty. :)

  5. So sweet! Loved this happy bento narrative!