Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Friendly Award

Sheri from Happy Little Bento gifted Judy's Bento Box this lovely award. How kind! I've been sort running amuck lately. Pushing through when I could but not worrying about the lack of attention to detail.

Maybe you know the feeling?

It all starts with being ill and then you play catch up for a few weeks. Exhausting!

So this is a nice way to get back into that happy mood.

List 10 things that make me happy and 10 bloggers that make me happy, and all that required linking which is optional as far as I'm concerned.

What makes me HAP HAP HAPPY!

1. Waking up. Sounds kind of silly but I love the first moment of the day!

2. First sip of coffee. Usually Caribou. Somehow the second third or fourth never match the first.

3. All things Silas. Doing drums with Si in the morning is a hoot. He is scratching his tower and I'm beating the side. It's how we bring in the new day.

4. The sunset sky. When it's good, I'm transported to another world.

5. My Scion tC. Lordy! I'm in love with my car!

6. Playing with my food. New recipes. Bento. Deconstructing.

7. Pop culture. In all respects, television and movies, magazines and reality shows, I'm not sure why I care, but it's way too meaningless not to be fun.

8. Art. My own and everyone else's. Photography included.

9. Reading. I once had a sore neck. It hurt to read. I said to my Dad, "What should I do?" He said, "Well Judy, since you spend 70% of your life reading, you might want to fix it." I read a lot.

10. Researching. And when not reading, I am researching. Because that is what I am - a researcher.

Ten blogs I LOVE coming soon!


  1. Fantastic!!! I love all 10 things about you!
    Wish I could agree with you on #1, but I sure admire you for loving that first moment.
    I love reading and researching too...and my car.... Mini... teehee!

  2. Congrats Judy! It's fun to read your 10 things and know you a little bit closer :)

  3. We have something in common. Art. I love it all. Spending time in an art museum is heavenly.

  4. Oh geez... I forgot to add my congratulations for the award! I enjoyed learning about you through your 10 items.

  5. Great list, Judy! Add me to the art and museum addicted...along with cats, and bentos, and beautiful skies, reading and good coffee! Please keep enjoying all those things that make you "hap hap happy", as your electric joy inspires us all!