Saturday, January 30, 2010

A week of winter bento or not

I was poorly prepared for bento this week. Partially because the baby back ribs that would be fodder for Tuesday's bento did not come out. That is to say the ribs didn't taste right. Apparently they were defrosted and re-frozen when the power was out last week.

So I had to resort to hummus and pita bread and that was fine. I am experimenting with pickles, so the carrots and radishes are actually pickles and they are sitting on a sprout mix.

The delight of Tuesday's bento was the miniature tangerines. No seeds and really sweet, they were a fun addition.

Wednesday I was at a loss. I decided to buy a deli sandwich near work, and immediately wished I had my $6.73 back in my pocket. 

Oh well, I have to make that mistake every once in a while to remind myself that even a few basic things from home are usually better than old deli food.

Thursday's bento is a bit of a joke. This tiffin was bought prior to my bento adventure. I never really got used to using it because the clamps are vicious. They require such pressure to snap and unsnap, I think my thumbs will snap instead. 

In the end the bottom tier didn't even close, so the V8 and apple went into a brown paper bag. 

Silas wanted to jump into that bag too, the little muffin. By Thursday he has had enough of me leaving him alone all day, and I rather agree wishing I could stay home and curl up with him and a good book. 


  1. I've been there...skipping bento and buying a quick fix lunch instead. Yuck!

    The hummus bento is colorful and the tiffin boxes have me wanting to go out and buy some NOW! Thanks. ;)

  2. Hi Hapa Bento! I see your little round tin and an oblong metal one on occasion, but I never see them for sale anywhere. I going to keep my eye out because metal is so much easier to clean.

  3. LOVE the photo of Si astride the table. Adorable. And I'm with you on the great value--in pleasure, nutrition, and fun that bento holds over most store-bought lunches!

  4. Oh yes! Cuddle up with da kittehs and a good book! :))

    Houmous & pita are always great btw. And I love your tiffin! :)