Monday, February 15, 2010

President Kitty bento

The left side of this bento is leftover from yesterday's romantic lunch. The blue cat is guarding my riches as she has pork and shrimp dumpling in her toes, and the fried chicken has been renamed as "OMG! This Is So Good!" Likely to become my Go-To take-out food.

The right side of Madam President Kitty bento box is roasted peanuts, chocolate-covered raisins, a strawberry, some wild wasabi wonton chips, and two small squares of a seaweed snack that taste salty and nutty.

The flowered teacup is filled with orange spice tea.

So as Hello Kitty purrs, "A Happy Presidents' Day to all my friends and felines!"


  1. Purrr, nom, purr, nom...sorry, too busy grazing on this yummy bento selection to comment more intelligibly!

  2. Love her! Just the right delectables!

  3. Ha Ha bentobird! Thanks!

    The President Hello Kitty would like to thank sherimiya and her wisdom on what is delectable. : )