Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alice is my bag

When I told the clerk at the shop what I planned on doing with this fabric, she said dully, "How nice." I'm all about educating the masses so I went on (a bit like trying to save myself from drowning), "You know bentos? They're little boxes that hold food for lunch. Very Japanese!" That was met with a smile, sort of. After a moment or two, she said, "Well it is very cute fabric."

And it is cute! Just like bentos!

After I bought my nesting Alice in Wonderland bentos, I thought I might make a bag to go with them. I have a bag for my red Hello Kitty bento box and my black strawberry bento box, and of course, Mr. Bento has a bag as well.

Bags work well with me. They're cute and contained. And the bag kind of protects the box. I would also like to try the whole art of wrapping the bento box in fabric, Furoshiki, and (I guess) use the fabric as tablecloth or napkin. I have to research this art form.

So check back sometime... I will blog the bag when it's finished.


  1. Eeek! That fabric is perfect! I haven't gone fabric shopping in so long, now it seems I am missing out! Can't wait to see your bag!!

  2. I love how you are exploring the fabric craft dimension of bento art! Truly bento is a art/craft with so many dimensions, so many creative've found magically perfect Alice fabric here Judy. I'm excited to see how your project turns out! Best from Bentobird!

  3. very cute fabric! can't wait to see it.

  4. I switched all my christmas wrapping to furoshiki this year, it is very easy! You should just make an alice in wonderland furoshiki!