Friday, April 9, 2010

Bamboo Bento

For the inaugural use of my Springtime Totoro bento box, I have done pandas playing in a bamboo forest made of cucumber sandwiches with carrot jewels and blueberries (which are jewels for the body).

The cottage cheese rabbit is feasting on curly kale and two radish mice are trying to hide under the bread stick wood pile.

The bamboo sandwich idea came from the very first bento, that was made by Nedalin Malle, that I put in my Elegant Bento Gallery on Flickr.

Galleries are a great way to keep the pictures that inspire you close at hand. A lot like favorite-ing a photo, galleries are more like finding a theme and building a collection. I recommend trying this fun feature in Flickr.

I plan to go back to adding and deleting (only 18 pictures are allowed to a single gallery) to this gallery to see if I can get a single representation of an elegant bento from 18 bento artists.


  1. Wow, this is the first time someone mentioned me somewhere ...