Thursday, April 29, 2010

No emoto eating bento

I didn't want to stand in the kitchen and eat a whole pot of rice, but I was going to.

I didn't want to stand at the fridge and eat all of yesterday's leftovers either.

I guess they call this emotional eating when you eat and eat to block out an emotion like sadness.

I'm sad and happy too, but mostly sad because time marches on, and it's great to be 25 years old and you can go anywhere and do anything and your whole life is the future. But you can be sad at 25 because of hormones or your partner doesn't love you as much as you want or your job sucks.

So you think when I'm older, I'll have my sh*t together. I will. I love the people that love me back. I'll do  the things that are fun. I'll have employment that is right for me.

And if you're smart, that is what happens. Things work out for you because you work on them. Hey life isn't easy. It takes a little concentration.

And now I have the partner, the job, the lack of drama (ahhhh!) and I really can't climb mountains anymore (literally) because my joints kinda hurt, but Hey I'm Still Standing! Yeah.

Only. Only. Now I'm old.


  1. I have these thoughts often!

  2. Hi Angi, It's good to know I'm not alone. Thanks!

  3. You only get your shXt together when you master the art of feeling emotions.

    The brain has two primary directives–pleasure seeking and survival. From childhood we have learned to associate food with both. Associated with pleasure are what most call good emotions–happiness, joy, elation and so on. Associated with survival are what most call bad emotions–frustration, boredom, confusion, anger, depression and so on.

    Unfortunately most programs to lose weight or deal with binging focus on food and forget the emotional programming.
    Focusing on what you do or do not eat to control or lose weight is like trying to fly by flapping your arms. Better to focus on the stress of the emotion whether it be frustration, happiness, upset, anger, joy and learn to take it straight rather than diluting with food.

    Yes, 95% of all diets and eating programs fail. Why? For a free report please go to

  4. Thanks Richard Kuhns for using my blog to promote your (yet another diet) book. I had a really good laugh reading that some old white dude wants me to "master the art of feeling emotions." I think your approach is rather simplistic and full of catch phrases. If you ever come back here to "bentoland," take a look around. We have some of most healthy eaters around!

  5. Seconded! I loved this honest and beautifully written post, Judy. Life (and wisdom) is poignant with a beautiful sweet-sour savor...