Friday, May 7, 2010

May 4 bento - A week of bentos for my inner child

I like my crackers to be crunchy, my kim chee to be cold, my chicken untainted, and my berries not fainted.

I'm using two of the new little round boxes purchased from Japanistic. The silver round came with my Eco Box probably meant for a side of sauce, and that glass dish is a Martha Stewart container for leftovers.

I decided the kim chee had to go in the metal container. It would wreck plastic, and indeed it did stain the plastic lid. Anyone know how to get that off?

White chicken meat was leftover from the dinner before.

Blueberries, radish, strawberry, and a grape tomato sit on baby greens.

Pistachios and snack crackers with one, and only one rice paper candy.

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