Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 5 - A week of bentos for my inner child

Okay okay so it looks a little similar to yesterday's bento. No chicken and I've added three milk duds and a couple chunks of double cream gouda. Still got the kim chee and berries and nuts. So let me expand on this morning process (since I almost always make bento in the morning and since I'm almost always in a rush).

I want you to see what I walk out the door with.

Starting in the top left, I put in a coldpac, that's the blue thing, spoon and fork, Yoplait key lime whip (that's in, not out), and the kim chee on the coldpac. Top right, I add the other two little round boxes, and a small container of hummus (yum!), and rye crackers. Bottom, my cowboy lunch box filled with bento!

So friends, is it a bento if it's put in a lunch box?


  1. Definitely a cowbento! Supercool!

  2. That's a rockin box!!! I use to love yoplait when I lived in the states and that one made my mouth water

  3. Yummy bento and I love, love, love that box!!! How cool is that?!!!

  4. Gorgeous lunchbox and yes -- of course it's a bento! You must look so cool walking out the door... :)