Tuesday, June 29, 2010

She was an American Girl bento

If I had a pub, an American pub, I'd probably serve sliders and beans and fries too. I'd serve plenty of vegetarian dishes too. I was vegetarian for awhile, and eating out was the hardest thing. Everything looked delish except for the veg plate. Slab of tofu on rice, anyone. 

This is leftover. Beef sliders with Colby/Monterey Jack cheese and pinquintos beans with Mexican cheese were made by me the night before. 

Below are sides for the sliders: sliced pickles, tomatoes slices, red leaf lettuce, and Bob's Bleu Cheese Dressing in the kiwi container. On the left: watermelon balls. Summertime!

This is the sides box closed.
With the cute TOTORO!


  1. Watch me be cheeky an invite myself to lunch LOL :) That looks and sounds so delish...especially the beans and cheese!!!!

    We have tried for three years now to grow watermelon. It just doesn't get warm enough for long enough. I'll have to wait for global warming! I have managed to sneak in some crook neck seeds though!!! NOM NOM NOM

  2. Summer=watermelon balls! So pretty! I'd loooove to have a potluch lunch with you and Angi!

  3. Sliders!! You know me. A sucker for anything mini!!

  4. Just had to pop up out of lurkdom!! I LOVE my Totoro bento box; purchased at the Miyazaki store in Kamakura, Japan in April. I put my snacks for work in it (since it's volume capacity is kinda small). I suspect my co-workers wonder about this 50-something woman and her Totoro obsession, but I'm okay with it!!! Thanks for a lovely bento today.