Sunday, June 27, 2010

both of my polar bear boxes bento

These are my two polar bear bento boxes. The white one has a cool gel in the lid that you freeze to keep a small box of, in this case, cut up watermelon super cool. The aqua color case has lock down lid with a polar bear wearing a striped t-shirt. In that box, I packed vinegar rice on the bottom and teri-chicken with a bottle of soy sauce and a few dill pickles in the top.

The background is my dreary desk, so now you know why I need my lunchtime smile. 

I did another polar bear bento way back near the beginning of my bento career. It's fun to look back at my attempts to be innovative with bento. Though sometimes it just comes down to time. 


  1. OOHHHH I want watermelon :) :) :) Don't know why they have to be so expensive over here!

  2. those are "cool" - pun intended. :) and now I'm hungry for teriyaki chicken...

  3. Hi Angi - Would you like me to send you some seed so you can grow your own? I would love to do so. Email me. :)

    Hi Susan - it's my teri stash via hapa bento's instruction. thanks!

  4. Cool boxes! Love that you put the watermelon separately in different box :)