Saturday, February 26, 2011

Deconstructed Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Bento

I'm back in the groove of making bread, so for lunch this past Wednesday I decided to bring various spreads and crackers and bread. Black raspberry fruit spread, peanut butter, and marmalade in one box, and hummus in its very own container box so as not to taint the others. 

Chocolate-covered almonds from a local nut house, and chocolate-covered raisins, Brazil nuts, and raspberry newtons occupy another box. This box lasted three lunches. 

Nesting boxes are particularly handy when some items should be kept chilled while other need not be. They are also handy because the sweets and nuts box can come to work everyday to ward off the 3pm hunger monster. Believe me that candy box is not my daily portion!

Don't forget the tangerine.


  1. So cute and full of happy flavors! You've just given me new insights on how to use/enjoy the multibox set I have...thanks! Milo is so sassy, a perfect lunch companion. Have a great week, Judy!!

  2. Thanks Bentobird! That cat brightens up my day at work, and some days that really helps me though!

  3. Your bento boxes look very cute. I also like how you fill the boxes :)!

  4. Thanks CG! Your blog is hot potatoes! Looking forward to more bentos from you. (And what a cute bunny!)