Sunday, February 13, 2011

Round and Round We Go Bento

This is a lovely little two-tiered round bento that closes with a Velcro-type strap.

I made twin snacks for him and her. She gets the carrot jewel ring and he gets the pickle (filled with sake).

Both have sushi rice with carrot butterflies and flowers. (It's monarch butterfly season here on the west coast.) Included as well are teriyaki beef and marinated seaweed salad. Portions are small and snack-like.

Those chopsticks on the left are shaped like the chocolate-dipped cookies, Pocky! (Because I'm a kid at heart!)

..where we stop, nobody knows!


  1. Have missed your posts - good to have you back!

    Lovely bento. Pretty & spring-like. :)

  2. Thanks Susan! Took a two month vacay! Got to get those seeds you sent me in the ground. Spring is nearly here!

  3. What a yummy bento and a beautiful box! I love the pocky-chopsticks too! ^^

  4. Love seeing this pretty new post from you! As always, you have the nicest bento sets and tasty treats inside. Beautiful and spirited.

    Happy Valentine's Day Judy :D!

  5. Thank you Yenny! Now following...

    Hi Token - What a cute panda! I've been away too long.

    Bentobird, (shucks) thank u - all these positive words makes me want to do more bento.