Friday, August 5, 2011

Remember Me Bento

This charming box was one of the first ones I purchased two years ago when I started to bento. It adorns the header of this blog, my twitter page, and many photos in the old flickr account. I love it!

This box is also rather large and I find that size is an important aspect of my bento experience. I need a variety of proteins, a good dose of fruit and veggies, and whatever else sounds good.

I always pack my bento in the morning but often plan the night before or even days before trying to make dishes that will be good served as leftovers.

Teriyaki sesame chicken is a fabulous lunch. Tasty cold. So are garlic fried shiitakes - that's what is in the cup with the heart jeweled pick. Picks are a great way to add a smile to lunchtime.

Here's the whole shebang. In the same box as the chicken, there is fruit, as in cherries and cut up nectarines. In the other box is cucumber sushi and soy sauce in a pig on one side, and fresh cucumber pickles and dill pickle slices with an egg dish called Tamagoyaki (Japanese-style omlette) inspired by a recipe in The Manga Cookbook.  

orange you a good pup
I started this blog 9.10.09 and during the first year I had a blast buying, making, and eating bentos. This past year I fell out of the groove, primarily due to the severe illness of a dear friend. It was the same for all my blogs actually. I just couldn't write or think about writing.

Well, I'm back now, I think, so I'll see you around.


  1. I'm sorry about your friend, Judy.

    I feel like not having a job has prevented me from exploring bento. (I hope my life isn't always like this. Jobless, I mean.) Also, your lunches are inspiring. Glad you're back in the groove. :)

  2. thanks Amanda - I seldom do bento if I'm not going to work, tho sometimes picnics or walks or bike rides are a good reason to pack a lunch. Did you ever find the perfect box?