Friday, August 12, 2011

Blue Cat Bento

Not much out there in the natural world that is blue. The sky, okay. Blueberries, yep. But what else?

That is why I'd like the thank the makers of Almond Joy's pieces for their blue candies. Nothing says I'm completely artificial like blue candy.

But does the blue cat care? No no. Giant radish mice burrow in the giant radish rose and le bleu chat would like to spring over the peanut butter and cream cheese wraps and dance on top of the luscious orange honeydew to get to the lovely candy coated milk chocolate almond flavor pieces.

Too bad kitty kitty meow meow you must hang out with my standard faire of double cream gouda, marinated olives, and black peppered baby backs.

Aww don't look so sad.

At least you got to ride in the strawberry box.


  1. I like this cute. I was thinking the radishes looked like mice!

  2. love the blue kitty & strawberry box!

  3. Thanks Lyndsey! Every time I eat radishes I think of mice. Ha!

    Hey Susan! How'd you doing? I have to really restrain myself around purchasing new bento gear :)