Saturday, October 8, 2011

There's nothing to eat, Mr. Bento

There's nothing to eat, Mr. Bento by Judy's Notebook
There's nothing to eat, Mr. Bento, a photo by Judy's Notebook on Flickr.

There's plenty to eat, but nothing looks good, and I want to be served too. All this rushing around before work to make sure I'm not just gulping down a bag o' chips and Dr. Pepper. Life is tough. 

Oh boo hoo. 

So I got out the old Mr. Bento and marveled at just how much space needs to be filled. Pickles and grapes fit into the smaller rounds nicely. A bean and cheese quesadilla sizzled in the stove. Easy and crunchy. My new motto?

Rolled some lovely scrambled organic eggs and used pups and penguins picks for some tasty salami. Lots of protein proportionately, but this lunch was perfect for the cold rainy day.

I think autumn may be here at last.

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  1. Looks savory to me. I hope you had a good day at work.