Friday, August 26, 2011

Gerry the Giraffe gets a round bento

I didn't notice how round this bento was till I looked at the photos. I mean, had I thought of it, I would have cut the dill pickles in round slices, then the roundness would be complete.

No, this bento was made for the rice, which has a calming effect, which I needed.

The champagne grapes were so sweet like candy, and the blueberries were divine as well. I used green accessories because I didn't have anything green to eat, but wait, the dill pickles are green. That counts!

These dills were also very garlicky, so they got a wrap in cellophane.

The really fun addition here is the Ko-Umeboshi. I bought a jar from Gold Mine Natural Food, a cool online resource.

I love my leafy Totoro bento box too.

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