Friday, November 11, 2011

It's good to be plastic: a story of Mr. Lion and Mr. Mouse

There once was a lion who dreamed of a brie and ham baguette sandwich. He slept in peace until...

A very small radish mouse under a pineapple bush woke him. And the lion was so angry he said he would eat the little mousy just in spite.

Mr. Mouse yelled from his mini greens home. No no Mr. Lion, take my olives instead.

But Mr. Lion said he did not like olives, and he eyed a few tomatoes instead.

I'll take these. Mr. Lion roared.

Yes please, said Mr. Mouse. Wouldn't you like a few blueberries too?

And please help yourself to a raspberry, Mr. Lion, said Mr. Mouse.

Mr. Lion ate all the raspberries and was quite happy.

He was feeling mighty full now but wanted a crisp something...

Perhaps a radish would taste refreshing right now, said Mr. Lion.

Wait, cried Mr. Mouse, that ham and brie baguette could be yours.

Mr. Lion considered.

And then Judy ate the radish and the sandwich, and Mr. Lion laughed a hearty laugh.

The berries were mighty sweet today, he told Mr. Loaf Bento Box in the soapy water of the kitchen sink.


  1. That hairy mouse tail looks almost alarmingly real. Thanks for sharing your lunchtime story with us :D

  2. Thanks Sheri! Yes in retrospect that was one hairy tail.