Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ploughwoman's Lunch Bento

It was a dark and stormy morning...
Or so it seems from this picture.

I had visited the very fine cheese shop over the weekend for parma to make risotto and left with brie, double cream gouda, olives, and salami too. We visited some of these ingredients in my last bento, and we'll visit a few more here.

The traditional ploughwoman's lunch has bread, cold meat, cheese, fruit, and pickles. Dear Goddess, how could I've forgotten the pickle!

Well, I made up for it with that sweet little container full of organic dijon mustard. And all organic blueberries, raspberries, and tiny tomatoes from my garden.

It's hard working out in the field all day. A good and hearty lunch is always important.


  1. Oh my, did I tell you how hard I've been working? AND hiked in the rain today with my friends. Am I eligible for a ploughwoman's bento?! :)