Friday, December 28, 2012

Olive Me Bento

For this week I took a lovely pork sandwich to work, yet I felt compelled to bring more food - perhaps a few sides. Hence, this polar bear bento box called out to me. It's time to freeze at work, so we might as well have a smile with Syrupy O'Clock.

The little pink bear (apparently with tummy problems) pleads, "Why not take Olive Me?"

Alas, I'm sorry we're destroying your habitat, Sweet Polar Bear. Here, have a cherry.


  1. Is that red cabbage looking to zingy-magenta in this cute bento? Love your droll and tasty blog, looking forward to more in 2013!

    1. new fun in fermentation - sauerkraut - that is Purple Sauerkraut. You aint seen nothing yet Bentobird :D

  2. looks like a wonderful lunch. reminds me I want to make more bentos. Keep 'em coming! :)

    p.s. why do you freeze at work? we are having a heat wave this week. nearly 40° and what little snow we had has mostly melted. I just came from the grocery store where I got overheated in my winter coat. :)