Saturday, January 5, 2013

You Put Your Lime in Your Apple Slices Bento

Roasted pork slices hidden behind leafy greens, tomatoes, apple slices and lime slices, and rice make up this bento. Rolly-polly panda has nama shoyu, and the rice is sprinkled with shiso powder.

Major cute factor registering here. Mouse on cat's back is getting a good massage with happy cat purrs. Mouse in front could be saying any of a number of smart aleck things.

One thing for sure is Mio is asking (yelling) for food, and this snack pack delivers. Kimchee, sauerkraut, and homemade chia seed crackers.


  1. So, the limes keep the apples good but do you use them on any other parts of the meal?
    I love the box! And making your own crackers??!! Girl you rock.

    1. Hi Ladyoz, I'm really liking limes lately. I squeeze a half of lime in a tea cup of hot water every morning. I hear it burns fat. lol And the hardest part about making crackers is getting them really thin, which I have yet to figure out.