Monday, August 5, 2013

You're Invited to "Bento of the Day" Flickr Group!

Bento inspiration is everywhere. I find it in blogs and books, from my Facebook friends, on Twitter, and on Flickr - mostly on Flickr groups, which I adore because they provide a kind of history of ideas. But I'm scattered. I need a place to store all that inspiration, and I wanted to share it with my follow bento enthusiasts. So I thought if I pull one picture a day and showcase it on this blog, then I'll have a substantial bento anthology in a year's time.  An archive of ideas, shall we say.

Also I want to encourage the exchange of ideas and play with themes. I want to emphasize play too. This is not a contest group. If your bento picture is chosen, you will be given credit and link to your site (if desired).

This is an open public group. Unlimited submissions are allowed. Discussion is open to members. It is also an experiment, as I have been tweeting random bentos #bentooftheday a few times working through this Flickr group idea.

Any suggestions? Please join! Thanks!

Here's a link to Bento of the Day Flickr Group:

Here's a link to Twitter. (Twitter is a really fun way to meet up with friends!)

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